ValetEZ v2.0

(I introduced ValetEZ here, and spoke about our Bangalore launch here. A quick refresher on our stats: 60,000 parking spots in 700+ locations, 2500+ car drivers in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai 🙂 )

So – I believe that for a large chunk of city dwellers, a large chunk of what they do outside of work is primarily 2-3 activities.

  • Eating (“Belting”/”Thulping” the team tells me is the right nomenclature here)
  • Watching movies/plays/sports events
  • Shopping

(Separately, if you’re one of the fine folks spending your free time tasting wines – good for you!)

Doubt many would disagree with the list. Of these, the first two are usually time sensitive – you want to eat when hungry, and you want to get to events/movies on time. This is the core of ValetEZ’s thinking at this point.

Let me explain with an anecdote (read in the voice of Morgan Freeman).

Let’s roll the clock back a year to January 1, 2015. I wanted to start my year by watching a fun movie – “PK”. (Ouch. Big mistake. But let’s not digress). During the 8km drive from my house to the movie theater, we got delayed by some breaks and traffic, and ended up reaching just about on time. Except, this wasn’t a multiplex, and I needed to park elsewhere. Took me 15min to find parking, 5min to walk back. We finally started watching 20min late – missed the beginning, and was annoyed through the movie. (This was the day I started thinking about ValetEZ, btw)

These seemingly minor annoyances add up, especially when it comes to fun activities. It’s part of what’s Severely Impacting quality of life in Indian cities.

At ValetEZ, we started out hoping to solve for Bangalore’s parking woes – in our v1.0, drivers could check and find parking spots. Now we’re going one step further.

ValetEZ v2.0.

We not only help drivers park, but take parking woes out of drivers’ lives.

Open app, Click button → Have a valet meet you at your destination → Drop car off and continue with what you came to do → Open app, Click Button → Get your car back.

No complications. No more late entry into movies. No more long walks back to your restaurant to eat. No more waiting to shop. And no more worries about parking in a spot you’re not sure is a legal parking spot.

Happy new year, Bangalore. Your quality of life matters, and ValetEZ v2.0 is here to help solve for a small part of it in 2016.

(Check our apps on Google Play and iTunes).