ValetEZ – Behind the scenes

We acknowledge the fact that “Stronger the backbone, better we stand” which is why our focus from the beginning has been to ensure seamless operations.

Mani’s Background:

Ex-defence personnel – Indian Army (Maratha Light Infantry). After retirement, he served as the transport chief at well-known educational institutions in Bangalore. An army platoon head, an ace volley ball and basketball player, dedicated defence personnel, and a loving son – that is Manivannan M A.K.A Mani for you, City Operations Manager at ValetEZ.

Chandan’s Background:

Chandan started his career as a cleaner and moved up the rank through hard work and continuous learning. Although originally from Jharkhand, he was born and brought up in Bangalore and speaks more than 5 languages and many different “styles” of Hindi. Chandan, who started with us a year ago as a driver, is an Area Operations Manager today.

    Mani (City Ops Mngr) and Chandan (Area Ops Mngr)

Profile at ValetEZ:

Mani and Chandan (who reports into Mani) were the early members of the our operations team and lead on-ground associates who are the frontline touchpoint for our customers in their assigned areas. They interact with customers, both corporate clients and individual car owners, who use our services in high street market areas, with restaurants, retailers and at corporate offices. They work one-on-one with the customers and are responsible for coordinating the valet assisted parking operations.

Mani also oversees the on-boarding of valets, reviewing their driving skills as well as conducting back ground verification, training them on technical as well as soft skills, and finally placing them at various locations depending on the demand as well as convenience of the drivers.

Life at ValetEZ:

Mani sure remembers his time in the force with great pride. However, it was due to family obligations that he decided towards a civilian’s life and accepted it with equal humility. He still remembers every word of the first conversation with our co-founder Smit which was very motivating, and he instantly decided to be a part of our company which was going to change face of driving and parking vehicles in Bangalore. He wanted to be a part of this change and not just witness it from afar.

Chandan, on the other hand, was looking to get a driving job when Mani recommended and introduced him to Smit. Although not fully able to visualize how we as a company would evolve, Chandan decided to give this opportunity an honest shot. Chandan’s first few weeks comprised of distributing pamphlets and placing them on various cars to spread the word… “ValetEZ”!

Mani says, “This is my company and I have to do everything to make my customers happy”. Chandan still recalls the day with joy when he valeted the first ever car for us. With a big smile he says, “It was a Skoda”. He says it was difficult in the beginning to convince people and then used language to build trust. He would hear his customers or see the number plates and spoke their language. Once the trust is built, they are a lot more cooperative and willing to try our services.

Having said that, not every day is sunny-side up for these men on the frontline… from frustrated customers who are not willing to wait a few minutes for the car, to difficult drivers, to field emergencies, they face it very often.

Their work hours on weekends start early and don’t end before 2 am. Mani and Chandan, along with their teams, often go beyond their call of duty helping customers get back missed/forgotten stuff from the car, dropping customers to their door late at night, etc. All this requires a huge amount of dedication, and commitment to the job.

A year ago when Chandan started, he wasn’t sure about the future of this company or the business. One positive response followed by a few negative responses from the customers shook his faith, but today he is proud of his 2 decisions…First, to join ValetEZ and second, to stick with it. Talking about the future of our company, he says, “there is nowhere else to go but up and I’m very happy here”.

Mani recalls the first month here and says, “Today people recognize ValetEZ, and often even my face. They now simply hand over the keys of their vehicle and get on with their business. Mani is happy and proud of the fact that he is a “known” face of ValetEZ and takes it very seriously!

We are proud of Mani and Chandan for their commitment and contribution in ensuring we are a reliable and trusted service for our customers – Our people… Our pride!