IT rocks @ ValetEZ

“Stronger the backbone, better we stand” – this has been our mantra which is why our technology team works very hard to ensure a seamless and zero-downtime parking management system. In this story, the second in the series, we hear from the ValetEZ tech team on what really makes them so passionate about what they do.

Meet the team:

Abhinandan Riyal – Mobile tech lead and our one man army.

Subhrajit Behera – The UI design whiz for all Apps and go-to guy for all things design at ValetEZ.

Smit Raturi – Founder – IgluLabs and Co-founder – ValetEZ; Smit is the Tech visionary, strategist, and chief architect of all things technology at ValetEZ.

If you are expecting us to introduce anyone else from the team, there won’t be as this is the dynamic and lean technology team at ValetEZ. As they say in tech, small teams with great focus should be able to build great products and we’d like to believe and deliver on that premise.

A B-Tech from NIT Raipur, Abhinandan comes from Himachal Pradesh in northern India, which is home to scenic mountain towns and the Dalai Lama. Moved from the serene to the hustle bustle of Bangalore, Abhinandan has been a key member of the Iglulabs tech team for a few years and eventually got associated with ValetEZ to head their mobile tech development.

Subhrajit A.K.A Shubro is the UI design expert from Bhubaneshwar, Odisha. Having worked at another start-up venture earlier, he prefers the creativity and freedom of smaller early stage ventures. He has enjoyed his journey thus far at Iglulabs and ValetEZ and has been involved in designing not just our app platform but all other aspects of our online presence and marketing at ValetEZ.

Life at ValetEZ:

“It’s not easy by any means”, laughs Abhinandan. “We have had days when we have forgotten what day of the week it was, our deadlines were measured in hours and not days or weeks. The initial months were without weekends because we were working on two high-demanding ventures (Iglulabs and ValetEZ). That was a different thrill and now things are so much more settled and there’s time to breathe”, he adds.

Subhro, while agreeing vehemently with Abhinandan, has only one word with multiple exclamations, “deadlines!!” However, it is very obvious with the energy in their voice that they could not have worked in a better place and couldn’t be happier with the product on hand today. The team of three are continuously trying to ensure that the back end and front end of the product platform is getting better every day and are very proud of the technology and UI they have conceived, designed and executed.

As Abhinandan rightly point us to another challenge – which is obvious but often completely ignored – the training on the internal technology/app for the teams that work at the parking lots. Explaining features which seem obvious to any tech savvy person was rather difficult to the ground staff who were otherwise used to just a ticketing concept to park or valet vehicles. However, Abhinandan and Subhro saw an opportunity in this challenge and based on their feedback tried to make the app UI and features simpler and easier to understand and use. The team always keeps its eyes and ears open for feedback.

In an effort to solve the mobility issue and build an eco-system that provides affordable parking management solutions, the ValetEZ technology team is extremely mindful of the fact that a solution of this sort has to be customised for the way urban areas evolve in India and other similar markets. No cookie cutter solutions available out there fit the bill when we talk about Indian roads, traffic, regional specifications, and infrastructure.  The team also feels that they are not only creating a technology solution, but also creating SMART jobs.  A section of people who work on the ground not only have a job and get paid, but also learn, get smarter, and feel confident at the end of the day. Abhinandan says, “When our operations team reaches out to us with feedback on how an existing feature can be made better or is redundant, I feel extremely happy. These were the people who did not understand technology once and today they speak from a place of knowledge and experience and that is huge”.

Speaking of the future, the team is extremely positive on the way forward for ValetEZ. While Smit hopes to build a better solution to the parking and mobility woes of urban commuters, Abhinandan and Subhrajit see ValetEZ’s tech platform provide a seamless interconnected system that can become one of the top parking and mobility management solutions in the world. The one thing that all of them are completely in sync is the fact that ValetEZ is a FUN place to be. The leaders, peers, quality of work, and most importantly, a culture that is inclusive, striving for excellence, exciting, and FUN.

ValetEZ is proud of its technology team’s commitment and their contribution to ensure that ValetEZ is a reliable and trusted partner for its employees and customers.