Podcast: Smart parking for better cities

In our first podcast series, our co-founder Prashant talks about the challenges in managing on-street parking, its importance in transforming the mobility landscape and the payoffs in terms of lesser traffic congestion and pollution. The series also discusses some ideas on solutions and how city governments can tackle the growing parking crisis.

This episode sets the context around the parking challenge in cities and helps lay the ground for the next few in the series that will deep dive into specific ideas and steps that come as recommendations from a team that is deeply committed towards decongesting India’s roads and ensuring the better quality of life in our cities.

In the second episode, Prashant comes back to continue the conversation. This time he dives a little deeper into the specifics of time and price for parking and how that could regulate usage of available parking space and traffic congestion management across city streets.

This final episode talks about how city governments can transform street parking management through effective design, public-private collaborations, and use of technology. It also discusses how governments can leverage collaborations with private players in achieving these goals