Valet Management

Valet Management System

Our Valet Assistance solution allows merchants, restaurants, commercial complex owners and event organisers to manage their valet parking requirements and provide a unique parking experience for their customers and visitors.

The system allows valet operators and owner establishments to manage their valet parking operations optimally while ensuring low incident rates and a superior customer experience.

Challenges in valet parking

Valet parking management comes with its unique challenges.
Our system allows you to over come these with ease

Vehicle Tracking
How do we ensure efficient tracking of parked vehicles on the street?
Service turnaround time
How do we optimise valet time for parking and retrieving vehicles?
Optimum utilisation
How do we plan for variable demand through the week / month / year?
How do we ensure that security of vehicles in our care?


Our valet management solution helps local businesses
give their customers an awesome parking experience


Our valet management system makes managing and operating valet teams,
simple, intuitive and effective

Ease of use
Intuitive so it can easily be operated by valets
Optimum utilisation
Usage analytics for optimum staffing and related cost
Minimal incidents
Real time tracking reduces risk in street parking and minimises incident rates
Customer delight
Transformational customer experience that drives greater footfalls and higher revenues

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