Public Parks and Tourist Spots

Rapid entry and exit of a wide range of vehicle types from two wheelers to buses, with contactless digital payment options. High variability in traffic and Transparency in revenue collections. High Reliability with near 100% uptime while handling intense traffic loads over a sustained period.

The Solution

1. Contactless Automated system with FASTag (RFID) to cover all 4-wheelers and commercial vehicles, combined with an advanced parking PoS or Self-use QR Code Kiosks
2. All on-ground systems are interconnected via the ParkEZ smart parking software over cloud with built-in redundancy to work in offline mode during internet outages
3. Auto-scaling feature to handle high variations in peak loads during peak season periods


1. Highly automated system with built in redundancy ensured near 0% failures on transactions
2. Smooth parking operations during peak season despite 5X traffic levels compared to off-peak periods

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