Rapid entry & exit within 2 secs

Now a reality with ValetEZ's Tech using
Internet of Things
AI & Machine Learning
Cloud Computing

Systems on Cloud


High-Performance Computing

Systems On Cloud



Our system on CLOUD support scaling the transactions from 10k to 10Mn across the network in no time


Quick to fix on-site issues from a distance, with over-the-air (OTA) software patches and updates, without any down-time as the system works independently even when there’s no internet



ValetEZ runs with or without the internet, keeping the Business operations unaffected

High-Performance Computing

Network-Centric Flexible Scalable Architecture

Connects and integrates various devices and systems across different parking locations in multiple cities and even countries while supporting diverse parking formats and sizes, enabling our services even at

Load Distribution

Enables ValetEZ to handle hundreds of thousands of vehicles per day and provide contactless parking and digital payments for users at massive scale



Anomaly Detection & Fraud Prevention

Detects and prevent anomalies and frauds in parking transactions and operations, such as unauthorized access, fake payments, overcharging, etc.

Optimize Space, Predicting Demand & Supply

Intelligent system that anticipates parking needs based on historical data, predict demand patterns across different locations and time periods.

Dynamic Pricing


Adjusts parking prices based on various factors such as occupancy, location, time, seasonality, events, etc. to optimize revenue and incentivize customers.

System's Agility

Real-time optimization

Real-time optimization

Real-time view of parking infrastructure, transparency and security in parking charges and service delivery, flexibility in managing and accessing parking spaces, and data analytics on parking utilization.

Plug & Play

Plug & Play

ValetEZ system can be deployed on parking lots of any size and format, and can integrate with various hardware and software platforms to create an integrated smart parking solution

IoT and AI enabled

IoT and AI enabled

Using IoT devices and AI/ML algorithms to collect and analyze parking data, enable contactless parking and digital payments, adjust parking prices, predict demand, segment customers, and offer hyperlocal services

Remote Monitoring & Support

Remote Monitoring & Support

ValetEZ system allows remote monitoring, support, and maintenance of hardware and software using OTA software uploads and cloud-based logging

Conventional Parking

ValetEZ Automated Parking

ValetEZ is automating parking inventory by using FASTag, NFC, ANPR, and QR Codes to provide contactless, ticketless, and paperless parking service to users, while saving costs for businesses by reducing labor, errors, and frauds.

Research & Development


Our focus on innovation on both electronics design and software engineering has allowed us to continually design and upgrade our IoT technology and optimise the performance of the cloud software platform.

The proprietary technology enables an open architecture hardware platform that interconnects with a host of legacy and future ready equipment while offering mass customised industry ready smart parking solutions.

Our tech development work is centered on building solutions that deliver on a vision of distributed, decentralised digital systems that are interconnected to large scale networks, allowing for flexibility, scalability and resilience.

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