Organized Parking Apps

By Mohammed Waseem | Published: 4th October 2015 | The Times of India

Has Technology solved Bengaluru’s parking problems?

Among the many problems Bengaluru faces, its burgeoning traffic woes hover around the top. But if there’s another that comes close to it, or maybe even topples it, it’s the severe lack of parking space in the city . Almost everyone has had the bitter experience of going around in circles trying to find a spot to park their vehicles in public places. But with the help of present-day technology , city-based startups are building real-time smartphone apps to combat this problem. 

One such app is, which throws up information about all the nearest parking lots based on your GPS location, and even helps direct one to the chosen lot. Speaking about the app, Smit Raturi, says, “The organized parking sector is an untapped market that is craving attention. We rarely have any idea about the parking options available in and around our destinations unless it’s a place we frequent. The need for such information is so great that despite ours being a recently-launched app, we already have a lot of users who request for parking information with the help of our app.“

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