Parking woes?

BENGALURU: Parking is one of the big headaches for any driver in the city. But, now, there is help at hand. ValetEZ, a city-based startup, finds secure parking spots and provides valets on-demand. Download its app from any of the online stores. Once you want a parking facility, locate yourself on GPS and the valet […]

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Mobile apps for smart parking

How many times have we gone around circles trying to find parking slot for vehicles? A study conducted by IBM in 2011 found that 30 percent of a city’s traffic is attributable to people hunting for parking — with a third of New York City drivers reporting they search for 20 minutes on an average.

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Organized Parking Apps

By Mohammed Waseem | Published: 4th October 2015 | The Times of India Has Technology solved Bengaluru’s parking problems? Among the many problems Bengaluru faces, its burgeoning traffic woes hover around the top. But if there’s another that comes close to it, or maybe even topples it, it’s the severe lack of parking space in the city

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