Parking in a Box – ValetEZ

In the last year with the pandemic raging across the country, we have been hard at work innovating and evolving our product suite at ValetEZ. The need of the hour was going contactless for hygiene and safety along with automation and efficiency and that’s what we worked on for our partners and clients – presenting a first in the industry ‘Parking in a Box’ solution from ValetEZ.

‘Parking in a Box’ is a set of digital and IOT products that you can unbox, and plug and play to set up an automated parking lot in any kind of parking format in any location across India and around the world. Easy to use and enabling rapid deployment, it allows multiple configurations of parking equipment on a single platform and drives a quick and effective digital solution that is contactless, ticketless and paperless. 

Here’s a sneak peek into the solution:

FasTag: As in the case of tolls, the FasTag based contactless parking system works by identifying the valid FASTag to check-in the vehicle into the parking lot. Our billing and fare collection system determines the time of Entry. At the time of Exit, the duration of the parking is determined and the chargeable parking fee is automatically deduced from the FASTag linked to a preloaded account. With FASTags becoming ubiquitous given the Government of India mandate, this is an efficient contactless option for parking lots. This parking system speeds up the process of getting into and out of the parking lot, reducing queues and the need to interact with parking lot attendants.

NFC: Near Field Communication (NFC) based solutions via smart cards or on NFC enabled phones allows regular visitors to a parking lot to rapidly check-in and check-out on their own without needing any assistance. Well suited for a range of parking lots with tenant users OR regular visitors such as vendors, they provide easy movement of vehicles at Entry / Exit points and track the vehicles entering into the parking lot in real time.

ANPR: Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) in parking involves cameras reading and recognising number plates of vehicles and registering the Entry and Exit from the parking lot. Linked with a billing and fare collection system, ANPR is improving its presence as number plates become increasingly standardised in India.

QR Code: This is the simplest and least cost access mode among the various configurations of parking systems in the ‘Parking-in-a-Box’ solution. Users can scan a QR code at the parking lot and self-check-in to the parking. At the time of Exit, they can exit with the assistance of an Attendant at the Exit who will determine the parking charge from the system. Or, users can also self-check-out from the ‘EZ’ app and exit the parking lot with a verification QR code at the Exit.

Each of the above can be put together in different combinations depending on the type of parking lot format and different types of users & customers. ‘Parking in a Box’ allows parking lot owners and operators to provide a seamless, contactless parking experience for users and move their parking lot management to a fully digital future ready operation. 

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