Parking Management


Our parking management platform ‘ParkEZ’ allows parking lot management with a high level of security and real time vehicle tracking.

Designed on a modular open architecture, the platform can connect with all types of hardware used in parking management including Boom barriers, RFID receivers, and Point of sale handheld devices depending on the parking lot requirements.

Requiring minimal upfront investments for a basic solution, it can easily be used on very small parking lots. ParkEZ can also scale up in capabilities to support complex large scale parking lot operations such as railway stations and airports.

Challenges – Parking Management

Managing a parking lot in our cities isn’t easy
and identifying the issues is the first step towards resolving them

Peak Demand
How do we ensure that peak load periods are planned for and managed well
Revenue Leakage
How do we ensure checks and balances to avoid pilferage in a largely cash business
Multiple User Types
How can users with different parking needs and price expectations be handled
Under Utilization
How do we improve revenue through better utilisation of parking inventory


ParkEZ is easy to setup and maintain while giving you the flexibility
of using on ground hardware as per your requirement and budget

ParkEZ – Benefits

We understand smart parking! ParkEZ helps transform
how parking works in our cities

Minimal investment
Mobile and cloud based platform keeps initial setup costs minimal
Your data is always secure & always available on best in class servers
Increased Revenue
Improved lot optimisation and reduced revenue leakage help you grow
Inventory tracking
Understand usage patterns across multiple locations in a click
Location agnostic
Remote location ? Multiple locations ? Our setups work anywhere and everywhere

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