Parking solutions at your fingertips

The pain that vehicle owners face every day while parking in their city is unmentionable. A key challenge in the parking space is that outside of malls and selected commercial complexes there is hardly any digitisation and use of technology in improving parking management or in providing vehicle owners with a quality and efficient parking experience. The idea to focus on building a smart parking infrastructure for a city emerged from the challenges faced by Smit Raturi and Prashant Chandrasekaran who were quick to sense the need of finding safe parking spaces in Mumbai and Bangalore. They founded ValetEZ in March 2016 and since then they have been leveraging technology to create an efficient decentralised network of parking infrastructure in a city  both for off-street and on-street.

Team ValetEZ is focused on using technology to create what they believe to be a new and improved template for urban parking management through a dynamic decentralised network. “While we believe in the power of technology to address challenges, we do not hesitate to get our hands dirty in operations that can make a real difference to the customer at the last mile. While we are focused on improving parking supply infrastructure. We will remain at the core, a firm focused on providing users a unique and much improved parking experience”, mentions Prashant Chandrasekaran.

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