Parking woes?

BENGALURU: Parking is one of the big headaches for any driver in the city. But, now, there is help at hand.

ValetEZ, a city-based startup, finds secure parking spots and provides valets on-demand. Download its app from any of the online stores.

Once you want a parking facility, locate yourself on GPS and the valet will pick up the car. You can track your car with the tracker the valet will attach to it, once he takes over. The valet also registers your car number with the app’s central databases, so after the car is parked, you get an SMS telling you where it is parked. Once you’re done with your dinner or shopping, send in a request through the app, and the valet will drop it off with you.

What if the driver makes away with the car from the parking lot? The startup team thought of that too. So, a driver has to place a request with the startup’s backend team before they release the car from the parking lot. If that request is not placed, then an alarm is sent to the car’s owner.You can even reserve a parking slot close to your destination.

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